Media Classroom Design

Media Classroom Design

The brief was rather open and featured around comic superheroes. The aim was to splash a bit of a superhero colour onto the walls and windows. Media as a whole is a very large topic; we felt that students could relate more to superhero’s as they are in fashion. This brief was very graphic heavy but text from comic’s needed. This was to show the importance of literacy in media.

Lot’s of colour was required, and lots of colours they got.

Unmissable when you walk in the classroom. Certainly no students will be falling asleep in here. I tried to spread out elements across the learning environment. The main three hero’s featured on the back wall were designed to show diversity in character, speech, emotion and personality. All these elements are studied.
I took advantage of the larger window panelling to include some vinyl silhouettes & Academy branding. This proved challenging to get perfect. Keywords are on the windows at the back for reference purposes.

‘This looks great! You’ve done a fantastic job with the designs.’

feedback proved to be good from students and teachers! I am quite happy with the outcome when taking into account the limitations due to the walls and windows. It would have been great to do a dramatic feature wall for this brief.

In 2015, there has been a big push on classroom design/installations. I have revamped the History classrooms in Worcester, Humanities & English in Redditch and the Maths classrooms in Solihull. Each room designed to briefs relating to topics the students are studying. The installations make a huge impact, which is reflected by the demand.

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