Maths Classroom Design

Maths Classroom Design

The brief was to come up with a visually appealing classroom design which represented Tessellation, Arabesque and the mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya.

The task was difficult due to the rooms bumpy walls and hard brief. However, the room recently had been repainted and updated which gave me a clean canvas for my work to stand out. This classroom had been funded by the board to serve as a model. Aimed to display photographs of it in a portfolio, brochure and prospectus. It would also act as a record of what is doable with a set budget and timescale. Therefore, It was important for this design to stand out. It will serve as a test for future learning environments that I and TG Design produce.
Thankfully, a modern approach was taken to the design so that it didn’t end up looking like a 70’s style wallpaper.

The students and teachers love the design.

The feedback I received is very positive. The design elements spread across the room in the four corners, which breaks the artwork up allowing for high impact and easy reading. The window vinyl fits well with the wallpaper on the Kovalevskaya design. I certainly want to try this again in future wallpaper and vinyl .

We normally focus on having one feature wall and a genius space in a classroom design, on the contrary, I took a new approach. The genius space (which consist of three frames), contains lots of information about the mathematician we featured. We realised students would not recognise her, so it was our aim to teach.

With every classroom layout, I always try to include teaching and learning. I believe this separates great design from good design. The fact that it is related to the curriculum, which students are learning, means they can aid teaching as well acting as an inspiring mural for students.

In 2015, there has been a big push on classroom design. I have recently revised the History learning environments in Worcester, Humanities and English in Redditch and the maths in Solihull. Each room has individual briefs about topics the students are studying. The installations make a huge impact, which is shown by the demand.

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