ICT Classroom Design

ICT Classroom Design

The very first ICT classroom design I have undertaken. The teacher (at Tudor Grange Academy Solihull) I took the brief from made it clear the function needed to come before form. The information had to be very informative if it were to act as a learning tool.

Computational Thinking, this was the theme for this classroom.

This topic is heaving in the ICT curriculum. It covers Problem Decomposition, Pattern Recognition Abstraction and Algorithms. After long research, I knew it would be a test to produce a graphic that was information heavy but not dull looking. I was shocked to find there weren’t many graphical examples of a computational theme on the web. Perhaps that’s just the nature of the subject.

A fresh design was needed to transform this older ICT classroom into a sharp learning tool. The walls I had to work with weren’t exactly the best. Due to its ‘sections’ every metre, it was evident a full wallpaper wouldn’t work here. I decided to push our (TG Design) capabilities by mixing vinyl and photoTex paper once again. It worked so well in the Maths ‘model’ classroom previously.

The finished wall looked great! The ICT Teacher was over the moon with the outcome exclaiming ‘I agree it looks awesome and I’ve already invited everyone to come and see!’.

The only drawback I found was using a shiny finish vinyl for the computational arrows between graphics. As the lighting in the room is good, it bounces off it unintentionally. A Matte vinyl would have suited this better. I will keep a record of this for the next classroom I design.

In 2015, there has been a big push on classroom design. I have recently revised the History learning environments in Worcester, Humanities and English in Redditch and the maths in Solihull. Each room has individual briefs about topics the students are studying. The installations make a huge impact, which is shown by the demand.

View on Behance – https://www.behance.net/gallery/32154453/Computational-Thinking-ICT-Classroom

View on TG Design – http://tgdesign.tgacademy.org.uk/projects/32154453

View on Pintrest – https://uk.pinterest.com/andyheffernan3/better-classrooms/

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