English Classroom Design

English Classroom Design

The English design brief’s at Tudor Grange Academy Redditch were designed to tie in with the literature the students are currently studying at GCSE. These were mostly well-known novels and poems which included Frankenstein, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Romeo & Juliet (which is coming soon) and many more.

Big Impact – Big Impression.

It was designed to inspire and engage but also to make the information clear to stick in the students minds.
Keywords, quotes and extracts have all been included in the design. Some more subtle than others. I wanted to have the effect of student unconsciously taking in the information while looking at the bold images.

The layout plan for this set of classrooms was to have one feature wall and one supporting wall clearly containing a quote and genius space. The contrast between the two works perfectly together. Imagery and information, forming the perfect combination.

The feedback I received was almost instant. Teachers were taken aback at the size and impact.

‘Now this is something that won’t go unnoticed’ exclaimed a happy teacher while we were in mid-installation.

I’m finding this to be an issue teachers have in their classroom. Once they have pinned A4 sheets of information to the wall, they simply don’t make an impact after two weeks. Proving that what I and TG Design are trying to achieve with our work does make a difference.

In 2015, there has been a big push on classroom design. I have recently revised the History learning environments in Worcester, Humanities and English in Redditch and the maths in Solihull. Each room has individual briefs about topics the students are studying. The installations make a huge impact, which is shown by the demand.

For 2016, I expect the demand for classroom design to increase. We have big plans for future classroom design and have been set to redesign all of the Maths department in Redditch. We must be doing something well!


On behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/26630803/Frankenstein-TGAR-English-Classroom-Design